Traveling to Thailand Guide + Masterclass by Felicia Blaise

Traveling to Thailand Guide + Masterclass

The Travel Guide Reinvented


Did you know on average it takes 10-20 hours of your time to research your vacation? This time can easily double if you're researching a new and unfamiliar destination.

Think about it. You spend countless of hours on Google and Pinterest, with so many options to choose from, but you're still overwhelmed with the amount with all the details you have to put together to form a cohesive trip. 

Sound familiar? Well if you're headed to Thailand and are interested in visiting Bangkok, Chiang Mai, & Phuket look no further. The work is completely done for you and it includes insider secrets that you would really only know if you went to Thailand.

The Traveling to Thailand Guide includes curated information on:
  • What to bring to on your trip
  • Important Information you should know
  • What to do before your trip 
  • Places to stay (Hotels) 
  • Places to visit in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket
  • Restaurants to dine in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket
  • Turn up spots and places to have a great time in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket
  • Popular excursions with price details 
  • Phone apps to help you navigate through the different cities
  • Of course, an electronic budget to help you manage your trip
  • You'll also get my personal itinerary & my day-by-day strategy 

The masterclass goes in depth about:
  • The simple steps you must take before you start planning your trip to help you set yourself up for financial success.
  • The travel hacks and apps that will change the overall experience of your trip to Thailand.
  • How to have an authentic experience and more

How is this different from other guides / itinerary? It's more interactive!
It's located in a tool called Trello. All of the content can be easily moved and manipulated. For you to rearrange at your convenience. See below.

What's included?

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Traveling to Thailand Masterclass
Traveling to Thailand Masterclass.mp4
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Thailand Travel Guide - Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket
Traveling to Thailand Guide via Trello
How to Use The Trello to Plan Your
16 mins
*** Supplemental Material
Getting Started With Trello (Demo)
The Travel App Cheatsheet

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The guide details will be in an app called Trello, how do I use it?

Have no fear! There will be a video instruction on how to maximize and use the Trello Board to plan your trip. All the links and everything will be in the course platform. 

Psst... Trello has an app you can download to your phone and even take it with overseas to use.

Can I get a refund?

At this time there are no refunds or exchanges.

When will the materials be available?

As soon as you purchase you will have access to all the materials

What if I'm looking for a custom itinerary based on what I like to do?

Great question, I offer a service that customizes your itinerary for you. Click here to learn more.