The Money Blueprint

Helping you create a plan so your dollars make sense


Do you dream of traveling the world?

…but,  you’re one brunch and an extra mimosa away from a $0 balance

Now if only you could
…Travel without feeling guilty about taking a trip
…Take advantage of travel deals when they pop up
…Save enough money for when something unexpected happens
…Manage your money without feeling stressed
A 4-week course that will make your dollars make sense so you can save, travel, and pay down debt at the same time

This course is for you if:
  • You are SEEKING direction when it comes managing your money because you have no idea how to start
  • You are COMMITTED to making a change to your money mindset
  • You are READY to be real and transparent with yourself and kick your consumer debt to the curve
  • You are DETERMINED to change the way you manage your money
  • You are FOCUSED on achieving your money management GOALS

Here's What You'll Learn...

Module One: Breakthrough your money beliefs so you can identify your money patterns to make room for what you want

Module Two: Understand where your money goes and how to adjust it so it aligns with your goals

Module Three: Create a solid plan that will help you demolish your consumer debt so it won’t be the death of you

Module Four: Implement the money blueprint system so that it will help you manage your money. Take care of all of your essentials while still having money to put away for travel and unexpected expenses

                                The Private Money Blueprint Facebook Group
If you’re ever feeling stuck, you’ll have like-minded individuals who can hold you accountable. 

After this course you will:
  • Know exactly how much you are spending
  • Have a clear, step-by-step glow up plan on how to manage your money on a monthly basis
  • Understand how to tackle your consumer debt
  • Have a new automated money management system that will run on autopilot without you having to do much work
  • Know the strategies you can use in your new money management system to travel hack and do more of the things you love

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos File Icon 8 files Text Icon 2 text files


Module 0: Getting Started
The Money Blueprint - Welcome.mp4
2 mins
Your To Do List
Module 1: Mind Right Money Right
The Money Blueprint - Week One.mp4
59 mins
Module One - Mind Right Money Right Wrkshts.pdf
3.28 MB
Activity: Track Your Expenses For 1 Week
Quick Tutorial: How to use Fudget to Track Your Expenses
2 mins
Module 2: Creating Money Transparency
The Money Blueprint - Week Two.mp4
(1h 00m 26s)
Module Two - Creating Money Transparency Wrkshts.pdf
3.57 MB
The Money Blueprint - Transparency Worksheets
Module 3: Good Debt, Bad Debt, Debt Plan ?
The Money Blueprint - Week Three.mp4
(1h 07m 15s)
Module Three - Good Debt Bad Debt Wrkshts.pdf
3.02 MB
The Money Blueprint Debt Calculator
Module 4: Build Your Money System
The Money Blueprint - Week Four.mp4
(1h 21m 28s)
Module Four - Build Your Money Plan and System Wrkshts.pdf
3.16 MB
The Money Blueprint Budget Worksheet
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Felicia Blaise
Travel Strategist | Certified Financial Educator
Helping women of color have real conversations about money and travel so they can experience the world, not financial limits.


How much time is this going to take?

This is a self-paced course. It will take you as long as you need. However, the content will be dripped to you on a weekly basis so you won’t be overwhelmed.

When does the course start and what is included?

Once you sign up for the course you will have access to the course area and module one (week one) right away. This is a pre-recorded course that you can access anytime and pace yourself through.  The rest of the course will be dripped to you every week.

The course includes custom “Money Blueprint” worksheets that will be made available each week and access to the Private Facebook Group where like-minded individuals can hold you accountable.

Once you purchase you will have access to the course forever.

What if this course is just not right for me?

If you decide within 24 hours of your purchase that this course is not for you send an email to

But, Felicia will this really help me get my coins together?

Yes! I would never tell you to do something I have not have done myself. This program is designed to walk you through my step-by-step money management process on how to create effective systems so that your dollars can start making sense.

When will I receive everything?

The content will be dripped to you on a weekly basis.

What if I have more questions, how can I get in contact with you?

Feel free to send an email to