Flights for What

Travel the world for almost nothing!


Are you tired of sitting on the sideline watching your friends live their best life?

... taking pictures in their cute bathing suits
... visiting places you've always wanted to travel

You know the way your bank account is set up the closest thing you'll ever get to
traveling in style is watching your friends or your favorite influencers on the gram.

Now Imagine:

  • Walking into the airport to check in your bag and not having to worry about additional costs because it's covered ($50+ value) per trip
  • Passing right through airport security with TSA Pre and Global Entry because it's covered ($100 Value)
  • Taking your BFF who happens to get a FREE flight through you because you get one once a year ($500 value) to the airport lounge to relax, have a drink and eat without any additional cost because it's covered ($150 Value)
  • Getting on a plane before everyone else does because you hate waiting to board ($150 value)
  • Having access to 1st class upgrades ($1,000 value) that you'll use for an upcoming trip to (Name your next destination)
  • Using your sign-on bonus ($500 value) to take the trip of your dreams

All this by strategically leveraging your everyday purchases to get what you want.
Worth over $2,000+
(Because you can do it over and over again...)


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A 4-week in-depth course that gives you the step-by-step guide on how to leverage credit cards to earn miles and points so you can start catchin' flights, not fees.

Module 1
Making room for what you want requires you to take serious inventory of where your money is actually going. In this module, you will organize your finances by creating your money blueprint and set S.M.A.R.T travel hacking goals.

Module 2
What you need to know about travel hacking will be detailed in this module including understanding your credit score, detailed information about air alliances, how loyalty programs work and how to maximize your everyday purchases.

Module 3
Securing the right travel card requires you to figure out what matters to you. In this module, we will go into depth about what makes a great travel rewards card, credit card points vs. miles, how to transfer your points, how to track your points, and how to maximize your rewards so you can get access to 1st class upgrades over and over again.

Module 4
Securing the right travel deal is a step-by-step process. In this module, you will learn how and what to look for when booking your flight. You will also get access to specific websites that will make your life so much easier when booking your flights.

Module 5
Love bonuses? Me too! If you're hesitant about paying an annual fee on a card or not sure how to maximize your vacation days this is where you get the tea. You'll have access to scripts on how to waive your annual fee, top websites to book from, travel apps to download and more.

Receipts! Here's how I flew to Los Angeles, CA for $1.20

Travel Hack.png 310.89 KB

After this course you will:
  • Have a clear strategy on how to set up your travel savings fund so you save in advance for the other expense related to your trip
  • Know how to choose the right card and take advantage of points and miles using your everyday purchases
  • Understand the in's and out's of how travel hacking and how to use it to your advantage
  • Have a step-by-step plan on how to continue to travel hack for years to come
  • Know how to search for flights and what to look for when booking

This course is for you if:
  • You're ready to stop sitting on the sidelines and experience the world not financial limits
  • Live in the U.S. or Canada
  • Able manage your money well and pay off your credit card balance in full every month
  • You haven't mastered how to use your credit cards to gain points and miles to your advantage

This course is NOT for you if:
  • Don't want to use credit cards to take advantage of free flights and other amazing perks
  • Live outside of the U.S. or Canada
  • Have outstanding credit card debt and aren't able to pay in your balance full every month
  • Already know how to travel hack and use your miles and points for flights and other perks
  • Don't have a good or excellent credit score

If you're ready to start catchin' flights. Click the link above to get started. 

***Disclaimer Felicia Blaise or Catchin' Flights Not Fees™ will not be held liable for any financial decisions made by the customer.

What's included?

Video Icon 19 videos File Icon 20 files Text Icon 15 text files


Module 0: Getting Started
0.1 - Welcome to Flights for What Travel Hacking Course
2 mins
0.2 - Getting Started With The Course
Module 1: Make Room For What You Want
1.1 - Making Room For What You Want Overview
23 mins
1.2 - Module One Money Worksheets
559 KB
1.3 - Money Transparency Worksheets
1.4 - How to Use Money Transparency Worksheets
4 mins
1.5 - How to Create A Calendar for Your Bills
4 mins
1.6 - How to Use the Budget Sheet
9 mins
1.8 - Your Budget Worksheet
1.9 - Action Items For the Week
Module 2: What You Need to Know About Travel Hacking
2.0 - Understanding Credit Cards
20 mins
2.0a - More on Your FICO Score
2.0b - Do's & Don't of Credit Cards
2.1 - Basic Credit Card Definitions To Know
166 KB
2.2 - Destination Goal Setting
4 mins
2.3 - Travel Hacking Goal Setting Activity
178 KB
2.4 - Understanding Air Alliances
6 mins
2.5 - Airline Alliances and Preferences
359 KB
2.6 - How Loyalty Programs Work
13 mins
2.6a - More on Loyalty Programs
2 mins
2.6b - Personal Loyalty Program Example
2.7 - Loyalty Program Activity
178 KB
2.8 - Action Items for the Week
Module 3: Securing the Right Travel Card
3.1 - What Makes A Good Travel Card?
13 mins
3.2 - When Are High Fee Cards Worth It?
3.3 - Credit Card Points vs Miles : What's the Difference?
12 mins
3.4 - Transferring Your Points
335 KB
3.4a - Example of How to Transfer Your Points
3 mins
3.4b - Tracking Your Points
3.58 MB
3.5 - What Matters to You Worksheet
174 KB
3.6 - Choosing the right card for you
7 mins
3.6a - Rank your top 3 Cards Worksheet
169 KB
3.6b - Your Card Benefits Worksheet
172 KB
3.6d - Links to find the right card for you
3.6e - Did You Get Approved for Your Travel Card or Nah?
3.7 - Maximizing Your Rewards
7 mins
3.7a - Links to Maximizing Your Rewards
3.8 - Still confused about what card to choose?
3.9 - Action Items for the week
Module 4: Securing the Best Flight Deal
4.0 - Redeeming Your Miles and Points
5 mins
4.0a - Frequent Flyers
4.28 MB
4.1 - Award Type and Points Value
8 mins
4.1a - Airline Award Charts
4.2 - Tips to booking cheap flights
6 mins
4.3 - Booking A Cheap Flight Online
10 mins
4.4 - Travel Hacking Summary
4.5 - Action Items for the week
Module 5: Oh Snap! Bonus Materials
5.0 - Waiving Your Annual Fee
317 KB
5.1 - Maximizing Your Vacation Time
477 KB
5.2 - Favorite Travel Apps
383 KB
5.3 - Top Websites to Book From
215 KB
5.4 - Wireless Passwords From Airports & Lounges Around The World
5.5 - The Vacation Budget Worksheet
5.6 - Additional Travel Tips
169 KB

Catchin' Flights Not Fees™

Felicia Blaise
Travel Strategist | Certified Financial Educator
Helping women of color have real conversations about money and travel so they can experience the world, not financial limits.


How will I access the course materials and additional perks?

Once you sign up you will be prompted to create a login. After your login is created you will receive instant access to Module One of the Flights for What Course.

Can I access the course fully?

It's proven that people learn best when materials are dripped to them and not given all at once. You will receive access to a new section every week for the next 4-weeks. 

How will I know when a new module is available?

Every week you will receive an email notifying you of the availability of a new module

Will I get access to you?

Yes and No. You can ask specific questions by sending me an email at

What if I have questions about course?

Not sure if this course is right for you or have specific questions pertaining to the course? Send an email to

Can I get a refund?

If someone doesn't mistake you for the King or Queen that you are sitting in first class enjoying while sipping on your drink of choice.

100% money back guarantee within a year no questions asked. Send an email to