Cash Flow Clarity by Felicia Blaise

Cash Flow Clarity

FREE 3-Day Course: Helping You Learn The Truth About Your Money


Get access to the step-by-step money blueprint that helped me go from 0 to 7+ trips a year. This FREE course will help you:
  • Get clear on where you stand financially by taking a deep dive into your money habits
  • Discover ways to save on your everyday expenses 
  • Define your money goals based on the transparency you create

Ready to start putting your money towards the things you value? 

What's included?

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Welcome Cash Flow Clarity!
CFC- Welcome.MP4
2 mins
Day 1: Understanding Your Money Story
CFC - Day 1.MP4
4 mins
CFC - Your Money Story.pdf
63.6 KB
Day 2: Creating Cash Flow Clarity
CFC - Day 2.MP4
4 mins
CFC - Money Transparency Worksheets
CFC - Minimize Your Rates.pdf
71.8 KB
Day 3: Building Your Foundation
CFC - Day 3.MP4
4 mins
CFC - Your Monthly Spending Plan
Favorite Money Apps Sheet
88.2 KB

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Felicia Blaise
Travel Strategist | Certified Financial Educator
Helping women of color have real conversations about money and travel so they can experience the world, not financial limits.