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Felicia Blaise
Travel Strategist | Certified Financial Educator
Helping women of color have real conversations about money and travel so they can experience the world, not financial limits.

The Money Blueprint

Do you dream of traveling the world? …but,  you’re one brunch and an extra mimosa away from a $0 balance Now if only you could …Travel without feeling guilty about taking a trip …Take advantage of travel deals when they pop up …Save enough money for when something unexpected happens …Manage your money without feeling stressed A 4-week course that will make your dollars make sense so you can save, travel, and pay down debt at the same time This course is for you if: You are SEEKING direction when it comes managing your money because you have no idea how to start You are COMMITTED to making a change to your money mindset You are READY to be real and transparent with yourself and kick your consumer debt to the curve You are DETERMINED to change the way you manage your money You are FOCUSED on achieving your money management GOALS Here's What You'll Learn... Module One: Breakthrough your money beliefs so you can identify your money patterns to make room for what you want Module Two: Understand where your money goes and how to adjust it so it aligns with your goals Module Three: Create a solid plan that will help you demolish your consumer debt so it won’t be the death of you Module Four: Implement the money blueprint system so that it will help you manage your money. Take care of all of your essentials while still having money to put away for travel and unexpected expenses BONUS! ACCESS TO:                                 The Private Money Blueprint Facebook Group If you’re ever feeling stuck, you’ll have like-minded individuals who can hold you accountable.  After this course you will: Know exactly how much you are spending Have a clear, step-by-step glow up plan on how to manage your money on a monthly basis Understand how to tackle your consumer debt Have a new automated money management system that will run on autopilot without you having to do much work Know the strategies you can use in your new money management system to travel hack and do more of the things you love
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Flights for What

Are you tired of sitting on the sideline watching your friends live their best life? ... taking pictures in their cute bathing suits ... visiting places you've always wanted to travel You know the way your bank account is set up the closest thing you'll ever get to traveling in style is watching your friends or your favorite influencers on the gram. Now Imagine: Walking into the airport to check in your bag and not having to worry about additional costs because it's covered ($50+ value) per trip Passing right through airport security with TSA Pre and Global Entry because it's covered ($100 Value) Taking your BFF who happens to get a FREE flight through you because you get one once a year ($500 value) to the airport lounge to relax, have a drink and eat without any additional cost because it's covered ($150 Value) Getting on a plane before everyone else does because you hate waiting to board ($150 value) Having access to 1st class upgrades ($1,000 value) that you'll use for an upcoming trip to (Name your next destination) Using your sign-on bonus ($500 value) to take the trip of your dreams All this by strategically leveraging your everyday purchases to get what you want. Worth over $2,000+ (Because you can do it over and over again...) Introducing... A 4-week in-depth course that gives you the step-by-step guide on how to leverage credit cards to earn miles and points so you can start catchin' flights, not fees. Module 1 Making room for what you want requires you to take serious inventory of where your money is actually going. In this module, you will organize your finances by creating your money blueprint and set S.M.A.R.T travel hacking goals. Module 2 What you need to know about travel hacking will be detailed in this module including understanding your credit score, detailed information about air alliances, how loyalty programs work and how to maximize your everyday purchases. Module 3 Securing the right travel card requires you to figure out what matters to you. In this module, we will go into depth about what makes a great travel rewards card, credit card points vs. miles, how to transfer your points, how to track your points, and how to maximize your rewards so you can get access to 1st class upgrades over and over again. Module 4 Securing the right travel deal is a step-by-step process. In this module, you will learn how and what to look for when booking your flight. You will also get access to specific websites that will make your life so much easier when booking your flights. Module 5 Love bonuses? Me too! If you're hesitant about paying an annual fee on a card or not sure how to maximize your vacation days this is where you get the tea. You'll have access to scripts on how to waive your annual fee, top websites to book from, travel apps to download and more. Additional Access: Member Portal Monthly Travel and Budgeting Tips Expert Q&A Chats with Felicia Plus access to a Facebook Group for additional support by your peers and myself!  Receipts! Here's how I flew to Los Angeles, CA for $1.20 After this course you will: Have a clear strategy on how to set up your travel savings fund so you save in advance for the other expense related to your trip Know how to choose the right card and take advantage of points and miles using your everyday purchases Understand the in's and out's of how travel hacking and how to use it to your advantage Have a step-by-step plan on how to continue to travel hack for years to come Know how to search for flights and what to look for when booking This course is for you if: You're ready to stop sitting on the sidelines and experience the world not financial limits Live in the U.S. or Canada Able manage your money well and pay off your credit card balance in full every month You haven't mastered how to use your credit cards to gain points and miles to your advantage This course is NOT for you if: Don't want to use credit cards to take advantage of free flights and other amazing perks Live outside of the U.S. or Canada Have outstanding credit card debt and aren't able to pay in your balance full every month Already know how to travel hack and use your miles and points for flights and other perks Don't have a good or excellent credit score If you're ready to start catchin' flights. Click the link above to get started.  ***Disclaimer Felicia Blaise or Catchin' Flights Not Fees™ will not be held liable for any financial decisions made by the customer.
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Traveling to Thailand Guide + Masterclass

Did you know on average it takes 10-20 hours of your time to research your vacation? This time can easily double if you're researching a new and unfamiliar destination. Think about it. You spend countless of hours on Google and Pinterest, with so many options to choose from, but you're still overwhelmed with the amount with all the details you have to put together to form a cohesive trip.  Sound familiar? Well if you're headed to Thailand and are interested in visiting Bangkok, Chiang Mai, & Phuket look no further. The work is completely done for you and it includes insider secrets that you would really only know if you went to Thailand. The Traveling to Thailand Guide includes curated information on: What to bring to on your trip Important Information you should know What to do before your trip  Places to stay (Hotels)  Places to visit in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket Restaurants to dine in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket Turn up spots and places to have a great time in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket Popular excursions with price details  Phone apps to help you navigate through the different cities Of course, an electronic budget to help you manage your trip You'll also get my personal itinerary & my day-by-day strategy  The masterclass goes in depth about: The simple steps you must take before you start planning your trip to help you set yourself up for financial success. The travel hacks and apps that will change the overall experience of your trip to Thailand. How to have an authentic experience and more How is this different from other guides / itinerary? It's more interactive! It's located in a tool called Trello. All of the content can be easily moved and manipulated. For you to rearrange at your convenience. See below.
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Flights For What

Travel across the world for almost nothing!